Daily Archives: November 30, 2007

Google Android Notes

Just some notes.

(1) If you see the text

ActivityManager: Error: Activity class {org.chuck/org.chuck.Hello} does not exist.

When you recompile – you are doomed. You can find some stuff in the
Android Beginner Groups but all you will learn is that no one knows the answer to this. The solution is to start a new project and paste your code into that new project.

(2) Do not use the XML editor built into Eclipse to add attributes – it seems incapable of editing XML except when you change attributes. Just use some other editor like vi or notepad to edit the XML. Then use right-click on the XML file and “Refresh” in Eclipse to get Eclipse to re-read it and re-generate the R.java file and compile the rest of your app. You *can* change attribute values – just not add new attributes. What I really need to do is tell Eclipse to just open the dang file without their little helper so you can edit the XML directly.

(3) Do not shutdown and restart the emulator – you should only start the emulator once per Eclipse session. If you shut it down, Eclipse will start it back up – but something will be subtly wrong. No big deal if you close the emulator. Just close and restart Eclipse.

(4) The Log.i is the best way to get debugging output. System.out.println should go to the log – grrr. AH well – just use the log.

(5) The Mac stuff is Intel-only.

Outstanding issues

(1) I do not know how to completely reset the emulator – I would like to have it not sure the programs are 100% gone between downloads – it makes me nervous – but it is not fatal.

That is all for now. I am off and running to write a Pong game based on a hack of the Lunar Lander. I have Twitter and reading and parsing RSS in Android working – it needs a completely new UI – but the networking is working and the XML parsing is working – so I am satisfied for now. That tool will be evolved into that IMS Tool interoperability for the Android – but I really want the last SI543 assignment to be a pong assignment to match our pong assignment in regular Java. So I will work on Android Pong before Android IMS Tool Interoperability.