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Python Code Notes – Mostly Useless

Wrangled Python for a few hours. Luckily I came upon this site. I was pretty peeved about the seeming hatred of Mac in the Python Community. The guy who runs this site is a saint.
All I wanted to do was make networkx work so I could make simple network digrams. I finally did it after I installed these from his site (yeah – I went a bit overboard – in case I wanted to play later):
Python 2.4.4
I could never find a pyGTK for the mac – it is under development. I could run about 2/3 of the tests from matplotlib. But I did see a networkx graph displayed. Time for some popcorn and to watch a football game.
Gibberish notes below. Note that I went down a long path with 2.3 and came up short – so I just went to 2.4. I hope Mac OS 10.5 has 2.4 or later on it. Hey I should reboot to the other partition and check :)

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Playing With Python – Finding some Snarkiness

I have been looking into Python for the last two weeks as I may be teaching Python next semester to Freshmen and Sophmore students to do data analysis. I have been searching and learning as I go. The message below was just plain fun to read – it is in some other community – so I could read it and let it go by :)

In general Python seems to be the best and worst of open source – there are tons of extenstions – but very little overall organization. There should be more things like:

The Enthought Distribution

Too bad there is no Mac version of the distro. Enough about that – on to the fun snarkiness! Interestingly the person complaining (at the bottom) is complaining much about the same as me – why is there not some quick and easy to use “get me started” distro?

—— Everyhing below this line is from the mail message ——-

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Off to Barcelona and the University Campus Under Construction Project

My Sakaiger is restless again – it wants to hunt snails in Barcelona.
I am off to speak along with Rob Able and Jeff Merriman at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Open Campus Project of the Catalan government.
I hope to explore use of IMS Tool Interoperability in concert with OKI OSIDs to implement their architecture.
Open Campus is developing an approach to tool building that will allow new tools to be built which will run in either Sakai or Moodle. Impressive and challenging at the same time – something that I find personally very exciting.
And I also intend to get in a meal of snails while I am there!