I am a professor-type dude at the University of Michigan School of Information.

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  1. Karim Garza


    I saw a video on youtube were you talk about SimpleLTI.

    Here at Pearson we have a product called AIMSweb. AIMSweb is a Response to Intervention System. AIMSweb provides reports on individual students progress. We would like to include a progress chart of the student in an external system (possibly a Student Management System) using SimpleLTI or BasicLTI.

    I understand the we must provide a URL that can be embedded in an LMS and a secret. Can the LMS also send us extra parameters such the student they want the chart for?

    I would really like to talk to you over the phone or in person if it is at all possible,

    Thank you,

    Karim Garza

  2. Shay Aylev

    Dear sir,
    I saw the link to your steering wheel iPad mount, and clicked on it expecting a parody site of human stupidity. Instead, I find that an educated man has apparently designed and is marketing this atrocity. (http://www.steering-wheel-ipad.com/index.html ) If this is, indeed, a joke, then your humor may be a little too subtle for some. I suspect from your level of education that you may, in fact, be marketing this with the intention of “culling the heard” by letting the idiots kill themselves while using this device, thus proving that Darwin was correct. I can certainly see how you might feel that way, but consider that the means of suicide that you are offering them is the same road that intelligent people drive on, as well. Oh, and just for your information, your device violates many regional driving safety laws, not only regarding “distracted driving”, but also regarding air bag deployment.

    Again, if this is a joke (which I still hope it is, and that no one would disregard the value of human life as it would seem to otherwise), you might try being a little less subtle in your humor.

    Mr. Aylev

  3. Alex

    Hey, Dr. Chuck! I was browsing your website and thought you might be able to help me out a bit. I’m a grad student, and I’ve been tasked with figuring out how to integrate course content from CMU’S Open Learning Initiative (OLI) into a Coursera course my professor is creating. I’m supposed to learn about LTI and Common Cartridge and how these can help, but the IMS Global website seems packed with information, and it’s a bit overwhelming. I was wondering if you could provide me with some tips to digest all this information and whether you knew anything about integrating OLI content on Coursera.

    I’d appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks a bunch!

    – Alex

  4. Charles Severance

    Alex, sorry for the delay. The bummer is that Coursera does not support with IMS LTI or IMS Common Cartridge. Like most proprietary efforts, standards compliance seems not to be a high priority until later. I am disappointed that Coursera is not putting more efforts into open standards – but fully understand the priorities of a small and rapidly growing company. Hopefully it won’t be too long until some progress is made on this front. The good news is that Stanford’s Class2Go has LTI built in in a limited fashion and Class2Go is open source so I can possible add code to improve their support for LTI and perhaps even add Common Cartridge to Class2Go – but all those things take time. For now, I am doing my Python MOOC on Moodle at http://online.dr-chuck.com/ since it does support LTI and CC and for me these are essential for me to build courses the way I want to build them. Good luck on your quest.

  5. David Holmes

    Dr Chuck,
    I’m wondering if you can comment on the use of Skulpt with WebGL? I have a specific physics/engineering learning use case that would benefit from an integration of OpenGL and Python. Skulpt appears to be a great fit. Feel free to contact me. Great site BTW.
    – David

  6. Daniel Proczko

    Dr Chuck,

    I’m on the organizing committee for TEDxKalamazoo and was referred your way by Ursula Zerilli, a reporter with MLive. I’m sure you know about TEDx, but if not, TEDx events are independently organized TED events where speakers are invited to talk about “Ideas worth sharing.”

    We are looking at emerging trends in tech, especially those that clash with conventional thinking and have been clued into your work with MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Are there any individuals that you know, or yourself, that have a unique perspective on the topic that would like to speak at our event?

    The event is being help Friday, November 8th, from 4-9p.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Daniel Proczko
    Co-Event Organizer

  7. Michele Martin

    Hi Dr. Chuck, I am currently enrolled in Internet History and Security class and I am really enjoying it. Will you be offering this class again Fall 2014? I am the Asst. Training Librarian at Greenwich Library in Greenwich, CT and would like to offer it as a public program series in our Technology Training Center. This class would be our first go at sponsoring a mooc class for our community. Also, it would be great if you were back East during the class session so that we could invite you to make an appearance, too.Thanks for your considerate.

  8. Zhao Guoquan

    Dear sir,
    I’m a sophomore in China, and I have a good understanding about python. I’m willing to help you translate you English subtitle into Chinese to make it available to Chinese student. Please contact me if you need.

    Zhao Guoquan
    Harbin Institute of Technology

  9. Zian

    TO: Dr. Charles Severence AKA “Chuck”.
    FROM: Zian : Coursera Student, Self-teacher and Open minded learner.

    Dear Dr. “Chuck”,
    I have always been interested in many things. But technology, programming and basically anything dealing with electronics (such as fully understanding smartphones) have taken lots of effort and failures to learn when you have to teach yourself. I signed up for one of your open courses on coursera.org “Internet History, Technology and Security” and I just had to find a way to say “Thank You!”

    Your lectures, pictures, and videos have saved me countless hours of constant research just to find the answer to one question. I am currently enrolled in college for an Associate’s degree, but perhaps with good fortune, I soon will be able to take a class on campus at the University of Michigan.

    Thanks for giving people who are willing to learn the opportunity to learn for free. I am sure planet Earth will have many more inventions to come if free education continues to grow in quality and quantity.

    Once again, thanks!

    Yours sincerely, a coursera student.

  10. meet

    how to do launching of tool in LTI2…please provide materials any if possible……what code is required,………..
    i need to integrate a tool with moodle2………so how to do launch part in that…….????

    please reply asap……….

  11. Francisco Cereno

    Helli Dr Chuck! Its a big pleasure to write for you because I really appreciate for being your student at Python for everybody Coursera Course! But this past week I was moving from my house and then I didn’t finish the course and now Course ask me to wait until October to star it again…What should I do?

  12. Charles Severance

    Thanks for the note :). You could try some of the Python on codeacademy.org – it does not have an awesome teacher – but it is OK as a set of exercises to practice your Python.

  13. Andile

    Hi Dr-Chuck,your “Programming for Everybody” course on Coursera was interesting up to chapter 11 but now my questions is,after chapter 11 what’s next,which course must I do to learn more about Python?

    Andile from South Africa.

  14. Kelly Cox

    Dr. Chuck, I’m commenting here since I can’t find any other place to ask this question. I’m considering taking your Coursera Python course, but I want to know if it is Python 2 or 3. Thanks!

  15. Stefan

    Hello Dr. Chuck, I have one LTI question. I would be very grateful if you can help me with this. I want to implement LTI Tool Provider and I am thinking which version of LTI specification to implement. LTI 2.0 implementation guide says that LTI 2.0 is compatible with version 1.x but I am suspicious.

    Is it really possible for lets say LTI 1.1 Consumer to communicate with LTI 2.0 Tool Provider? If it is, how would tool registration process and Tool Proxy setup go?


  16. Charles Severance

    Stefan, The key is that a tool can be built that handles all of the LTI versions (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, and 2.1) but it requires some care and thorough understanding of the specifications. My Tsugi framework solves that problem (www.tsugi.org). It is my hope that in time, all the differences between the versions will be hidden will be hidden by simple, clean APIs. But that is not yet the case.

  17. Charles Severance

    Currently the courses are Python 2.0 – in time we will move to Python 3.0 but there is a lot of stuff to convert. We have started the conversion but it will take time.

  18. David Cobb

    Dr. Chuck

    I came across a couple of your older blog articles about Developmental (Remedial) Math. It was clear that you were unimpressed, to say the least with “self-paced” models of instruction. I felt compelled to share with you my (our) experience. I have taught all levels of CC math for 29 years. Recently, in the last five years I was named Director of Developmental Studies and charged with our QEP. Our QEP was a fundamental redesign of Developmental Mathematics. For 25 of my years, our DEV ED math classes were taught in the same traditional fashion as all other math courses….the success rates were POOR. Depending on instructor….ranging from 20% to 45% We settled on a computer driven self paced model. Our success rates have increased consistently to the point of reaching into the higher 60% range. The success, is not the model….but rather I believe the “touch” of the instructor in this model. There is finally much more direct contact between student and instructor. We have become more coaches and motivators rather than lecturers. This model does not work for every student, which is why I would like to offer a variety of formats from which students can choose. Sure wish there was some easy and effective tool for students to use to know which instructional model best works for them. The self-paced structure we are currently using has dramatically improved students acceleration through Dev ED math obligations. We even incentivized that acceleration through the offer of free tuition for their first credit math course.

  19. CHIp

    Your courses have really helped me grasp and “stick” the python information in my brain, where I have been failing with python since trying to pick up coding for about half a year!

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work, and humor, that you give to the course. Hope you come to phoenix someday!

  20. Pavel Mishin

    Hello @drchuck i speak english badly, but hope you understand what i try to say. I did see your course Python for informatics on youtube and want say you, thanks. From your course i i understand more then lecture in my collage. Thanks for your big work! Best regards, Pavel Mishin from Russia.

  21. Christopher

    I would like to find out how to set up an autograder for my Python tutorials at my school. I am currently taking Python for Everyone and have learned a great deal with your lectures and material as guidance.

    Best Regards,


  22. shreyas

    Dear Dr Chuck,

    I am really glad that you are teaching us python. Your way of teaching is really nice.
    I have one question about capstone project in Coursera – Python for Everybody. Are you going to decide the assignment in Capstone or do we need to find out the assignment by our own?

  23. Cgirl

    Do you happen to have an idea on how to post grades for all students in Moodle gradebook item from LTI?

    Thank you.

  24. Cgirl

    I posted this question on Moodle forum, as well.
    I am trying to use LtiLibrary and post grades to all students under LTI item in the gradebook in Moodle.
    For now, I can post only grade for a student that click on the LTI but not for all students.

  25. piyush

    Dear Mr. Charles Severance,

    I started taking cources on Coursera a while ago. I have taken your python for everybody specialization and completed the courses except for the capstone. I don’t have a graduation, and i am not looking to pursue any. I am really fascinated with the concept of “Artificial Intelligence” and want to get familiar with it. Like really get into it. While attending your course i noticed that you have a lot of knowledge in the area of computer science, data science and information technology. So i searched on the internet about AI and got the idea that i have to study computer science, Maths , Psychology , Neural networks , Biology , Electical engineering etc. (tutorialpoint).

    I dont know where i should start and what would be the road-map to doing what i want to do. I need some kind of a flowchart.
    So I was hoping that maybe you could just help me with that or give a reference. That’s all.

    BTW you are an awesome teacher, i enjoyed your classes very much.


  26. EdTech Foundry

    Hi Charles,

    My name is Matt Frasier located at BI Business School in Oslo, Norway. We are developing an app/chatbot called Differ that is designed to increase student engagement and performance in courses, resulting in lower drop out rates at universities. We will be presenting on Wednesday at SXSWedu and are meeting with attendees from higher education.

    Would you have 15 minutes in your schedule to grab a coffee or tea to chat?



    Matthew Frasier
    EdTech Foundry
    +47 46920512

  27. Antonio Brandao

    Hello Professor!!

    I am Coursera’s Student, and I finished your four courses about Python.
    Theses courses were fantastic!! I appreciate doing all the assignments and lectures.

    However, I had problems with my last job in “Using Databases with Python.” I could not grade correctly so I cannot finish this course and go forward. I really want to the last course (Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python).

    Could you please help me with this problem?? How can I correct this grade??

    Best Regards
    Antonio Brandao

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