Playing With Python – Finding some Snarkiness

I have been looking into Python for the last two weeks as I may be teaching Python next semester to Freshmen and Sophmore students to do data analysis. I have been searching and learning as I go. The message below was just plain fun to read – it is in some other community – so I could read it and let it go by :)

In general Python seems to be the best and worst of open source – there are tons of extenstions – but very little overall organization. There should be more things like:

The Enthought Distribution

Too bad there is no Mac version of the distro. Enough about that – on to the fun snarkiness! Interestingly the person complaining (at the bottom) is complaining much about the same as me – why is there not some quick and easy to use “get me started” distro?

—— Everyhing below this line is from the mail message ——-