Daily Archives: November 15, 2007

My First Monkey Patch for a Rails routes.rb bug

For the past five days I have been struggling with a bug in the route code in rails 1.2.3. I finally monkey patched url_for to essentially force it to do the obvious.
In this blog post, I describe the bug and how I reproduced it and then the patch to work around the bug.
There is a 10% chance that the routes is actually working and I just do not understand it. I read in the Agile book something about routes trying to use the shortest URL where possible – but the problem is that I have these long URLs to pass bits of session-like information around between my ajax calls – particularly when I want to go cross domain with my Ajax (i.e. I want to use a Rails tool from one server included into a web page from another server where cookies and session information will not be usable).
The bug comes down to when I call something with a long url with lots of stuff defined and then I generate a new url adding an id which is always at the end of the routes, url_for decides to “forget” the stuff that was to the left of it in the incoming request URL. Changing action only generates the *right* url while changing the action and id generates the wrong URL.
My Urls have three basic forms
The first two are for use in divs and never shown to the user. The imsti one both establishes a session and sets up the context and div name when the tool is being used cross-domain. The second is used when you are not going cross-domain and cookies are available to establish session because the ajax and the enclosing container are coming from the same server – so incoming ajax requests get the cookies.

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