Daily Archives: March 28, 2009

Kind of Neat Day

Today was a kind of neat day.
It started at 3:30 AM in Boston when I got up to go to the airport to make a 5:56AM flight to Detroit – I was still geeked because I thought my keynote at Apple Academix at MIT went pretty well.
The flight arrived in Detroit at 8:10 AM – so I drove home arriving about 9:30AM.
I spent a few hours cleaning up some code I owed Alan Berg and cleaning up a Melete patch for Mallika Thoppay fixing a bug McGraw-Hill found in their testing.
By about noon I had sent the two code bis off and went to Office Max to print 100 30% off coupons for my App Engine book to take to Pycon.
I left for Pycon in Chicago at about 1:30. After I got on the road I called Bryan H. for a quick chat -but we starrted just catching up and we ended up talking for over an hour. By that time I was past Kalamazoo.
At that point Christina Sherman of the extensible catalog(XC) project called and we talked for about 2.5 hours – all the way until I reached PyCon at O’Hare Airport – it was a lovely chat and made the drive seem almost instantaneous.
I walked in, got registered, and sat down to use the WiFi and Steve Githens walks by and we catch up. Then I go to the lightning talk.
After the lightening I stop by the O’Reilly booth to talk to Laurel Ackerman and introduced myself and promised to bring in the coupons tomorrow morning.
Then I wandered back to meet the Edu-Sig crew for dinner at a Mexican restaraunt. I ended up sitting with Andrew Harrington from Loyola, the guy who write the Crunchy package, and Jeff Elkner who is a High School teacher from Virginia who loved the idea of teaching App Engine to his students.
After dinner, we went to the BOF where I reconnected with Anna Ravencroft, Kirby Urner, and the whole gang. As usual the topics were pretty broad and big – but it was a good group and I got the strong sense that the cause of teaching with and about Python had really advanced in a year. There were small and large successes to talk about and it felt to me that we were moving away from the notion of “if” and toward the notion of “when”.
We talked about the Punch/Enbody talk – which I did not see but was well received.
And now at 12:39 AM I am finally in the hotel ready to go to sleep. What a cool day.