Daily Archives: March 2, 2009

We Can Pay for Google App Engine!

We can now pay for services in the Google App Engine if we use resources beyond the free quotas. This is an amazing and very welcome development. I figured it would take longer. The timing is nicely positioned for the next Google Developer conference (Google I/O).
Here is the documentation on the new billing options including a video.
In May, free quotas will be reduced to 6.5 hours of CPU time per day 1 Gigabyte of bandwidth per day. That is not too big of a deal and makes sure that the free stuff stays free. Quota URL:
Here is the Google I/O URL in case you want to go to it (academics get in for $50.00).
And if you want to purchase a book on developing for Google App Engine (pre-order for now):
The author of that book is a really cool guy. If you pre-order the book but just cannot can’t wait for the book to come out in print, a rough draft of the book is available here:
This is great fun. Let the games begin.