Daily Archives: March 22, 2009

Playing with IMS Learning Tools Interoperability and Blackboard’s Proxy Tool

Last week I spent two fun days at Blackboard hacking with John Fontaine and George Kroner. My goal was to advance my understanding of the Blackboard Proxy tool and get a better sense of how to fit the upcoming IMS Learning Tools Interoperability specification into Blackboard’s product. Part of my job as the IMS Developer Network Coordinator is to “network” with developers and this was a perfect example of a situation where I could advance the cause of interoperability amongst learning management systems and learn something new.

None of the statements or pictures in this post represent any product commitment by anyone. They are just hacks to show proof of concept.

I arrived with a plan to write a SimpleLTI (simplelti.appspot.com) Building Block – but quickly decided to spend our time playing with BB9 proxy to see how it lined up with SimpleLTI, BasicLTI, and LTI 2.0.

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