Movie Review: Arthur (Remake)

I was on a plane coming back from Zurich and watched the new remake of the Aurthur movie.

I loved the movie. It is hard to remake a movie that is so beloved and succeed – but this movie worked for me. It was a wise combination of the familiar and the new in a way that will please the viewer regardless of whether they saw the original or not.

Helen Mirren as Hobson was a brilliant idea. I thought that updating the show to include scenes from Alcoholics Anonymous helped the plot nicely and provided a better explanation for the plot resolution. I though the plot result ion at the end was more “responsible” and logical in the remake. All the characters were a delight and were the perfect combination of capturing the essence of the characters in the original and yet making the characters all their own.

I kept wondering if my favourite line, “Perry you are a dead man!” would show up. I was initially disappointed when that little sub-plot was done differently, but then realized that one thing that a sequel needs to do is not try to replicate already perfect scenes that that cannot improve on – so they gently wound the plot right by that line.

The ending was more detailed and and so it felt like I was watching it for the first time. Of course there was a moderate need for tissues after the movie completed.