Dr. Chuck’s SI124 Student Video Projects 2011

This is a set of set of student projects for my SI124 – Network Thinking (www.si124.com) course this semester. We have a project in the course where students can create a video with the goal of maximizing their views. Everyone studied the book Viral Loop by Adam L. Penenberg as part of the project. This is a riff on the iPad Steering Wheel Mount Video that came out of the course I taught last year at this time. They have to write a paper at the end of the semester summarizing what they tried to do and what happened, what went right and what went wrong.

To be fair, you might want to view them all at least for 30 seconds or so and then decide if any of them are interesting enough to forward to folks you know. Viral is not so much about initial views but instead is about the likelihood of forwarding after viewing and that is what we are studying in these projects. If you look at all of them you will see an wide diversity of approaches in the attempt to go viral.

Feel free to comment directly on the videos in YouTube if you want to communicate with the video makers. They would love to hear from you.

Student Videos

Dr. Bi Winning explains the beneficial qualities of tigerblood

Matt tries to scramble some eggs for breakfast. When things start to get out of hand, hilarity ensues. Luckily our cameras were there to cover everything. Hey everyone! My name’s Matt and I am the founder of Northpaw Productions.

A few classes from the University of Michigan got to meet Funny or Die’s IT Guy, “Elbow,” when he decided to sit in on our Skype interview with some FoD executives. Turns out, “Elbow,” is Will Ferrell. Hilarity ensues.

Pie Smash, Nut Tap, Pimp Slap

Our cute Cavalier King puppies in action. Enjoy : )

This is by far the worst flop I have ever seen in any sport.

Girl are you surprised to see Asians in the LIBRARY? How do you think we get our grades hmmm? Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7XAJo3rQn8