New Amazon AMI – Tsugi – Ubuntu 20 / PHP 8.0 – ami-04dd1d5da2d25fe43

I have finished testing a new AMI for Tsugi + Ubuntu 20.04 and PHP 8.0:
tsugi-php-prod-2021-08-16-ubuntu20.04-php8.0 -  - ami-04dd1d5da2d25fe43
This is a public AMI and can be used according to the instructions at:
Ubuntu 16.04 is already out of support (they only stick around five years) – so we need to keep moving forward.  This is the first AMI that includes Node and NPM.
If you want to update your own build process – or review what is being installed – the bulk of the software that is being installed is here:
AMI versions are released about 1-2 times per year unless a problem is identified in an AMI.
Questions / comments / testing welcome.