Abstract: Building Learning Tools for Brightspace using the Tsugi Application Environment

Tsugi is a free and open source framework that makes developing applications to for integration into Brightspace using standards like LTI 1.1, LTI 1.3, ContentItem, DeepLinking and LTI Advantage.  Tsugi allows developers to invest effort in improving learning instead of integration details.

This presentation will introduce users to the free and open source Learning Application development environment available at www.tsugi.org. Brightspace supports the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability to allow external tools to be easily integrated into Brightspace and used to increase the richness and diversity of the course experience.   External tools can provide functionality not present in Brightspace like a course map tool, or social grading system, a prompted writing tool, or a YouTube viewer with Caliper analytics.   External tools can also be rich auto-graders that make online classes both more interesting and more effective.  Imagine if you could easily develop an interactive system like Pearson’s MyMathLab for *your* course and topic.  Tsugi provides a set of libraries that allow you to write learning applications without any need to read an LMS integration specification.  Tsugi’s run-time environment takes care of complying with the necessary standards to make plugging Tsugi tools into Brightspace, or any other LMS.  Building tools using Tsugi will will allow you to simultaneously support LTI 1.1, 2.0 and LTI 1.3 with no code changes to your applications.  Tsugi also takes care of supporting IMS Content Item, Deep Linking, and the new services available in LTI Advantage for your application.  Tsugi also provides a scalable hosting environment that is as easy to deploy as WordPress and allows institutions to host tools and provide an “App Store” of available tools to their users.  There is also a free cloud-based Tsugi App Store that provides scalable hosting for open source Tsugi applications at www.tsugicloud.org.  It is easy to learn to write Tsugi applications using the online materials at www.tsugi.org.