Abstract: Emerging connections between content, SW and platform – Learning Tools Interoperability

This is an abstract for a keynote speech I will be giving in Korea October 24 – Smart on ICT International Open Forum 2012

The IMS Learning Tools Interoperability standard (www.imsglobal.org/lti) greatly reduces the effort required to integrate an externally hosted learning tool into nearly all of the mainstream learning management systems (Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, Canvas, Sakai, OLAT, and others). IMS Learning Tools Interoperability uses the OAuth protocol to send identity, course, user, and role data to the external tools. LTI allows those who would build innovative tools for teaching and learning an unprecedented simplicity in plugging their tool into any number of different learning management systems. We will look at the LTI standard, how it is implemented and look at the next steps in the evolution of the capabilities of LTI.