Daily Archives: October 6, 2012

Grand Finale Lecture: Internet History, Technology, and Security on Coursera

I like the tradition of having Coursera instructors to some kind of post-class wrap up reflecting on their courses. I saw some of the materials from the wrap up presentation from Scott Klemmer’s Stanford HCI course on Coursera and based on his comments changed how I approached my my Internet History, Technology, and Security class. I figured that my job is like Scott to “pay it forward” and share my insights and thoughts with the next round of Coursera courses or other experiments in teaching MOOCs.

In his lecture I go through survey data taken during the course, student performance throughout the course, maps of student locations around the world as well as where the students went to school. The lecture also reflects on what worked well and what could be improved, takes a peek toward the future including possible new courses, as well as a bit of fun and few little surprises. There were 4595 certificates of completion awarded in the course.

Taped October 1, 2012 after the course was completed. Comments welcome.