Daily Archives: January 5, 2011

Sakai Portal 2.9 RoadMap and Sakai Course at University of Michigan

Hello all and happy new year – I just put up some slides that describe some of my rough plans for some improvements to the Sakai portal for Sakai 2.9. We have 9 months before code freeze so I want to take advantage of that time and make some real UI improvements. Here are some PowerPoint Slides that describe my effort around the portal for 2.9

At a high level, my plan is to take design elements from Sakai OAE and back-port them to Sakai CLE as well as integrate some more social features from Profile into the surrounding navigation and provide better integration for tools like Lesson builder into the portal. he above slides give some ideas as to where this is going.

Also, I am teaching a course at University of Michigan on Open Source Software Development that will focus on Sakai (CLE and OAE) and help me firm up and then execute this portal plan. My class will be a combination of technical people and designers. We will do all the design work in the open and on Sakai lists and in JIRA/Confluence so the community will be as involved as it wants to be.


I am working closely with Steve Swinsberg, Chuck Hedrick, Aaron Zeckowski, Adrian Fish, Gonzalo Silverio, and others so the overall intent of my course is to add resources to the community rather than start an isolated effort. Your participation is welcome.

The above course URL tells you how to join the course at Michigan in CTools. The course will also use Edmodo (www.edmodo.com) as its LMS in addition to Sakai in order to expand our horizons a bit. You can also become a member of our Edmodo site with instructions within Sakai.

Please let me know if you have any questions.