Daily Archives: April 3, 2009

Annoying iPhone Keyboard

I must really like everything else about the iPhone given how frustrating I find the keyboard. For example, last night I sent the following message to George Kroner (a PSU alum):
Go Penn State – NIT Champs
I was walking as I typed it in – and Apple made the following spelling correction:
Go Penn State – NOT Champs
Check it out – I and O are near each other on the keyboard. And given the nature of the NIT – the message as ruined by Apple’s spelling correction / keyboard could be the message I meant to sent – particularly if I was a mean person.
And George might have assumed I *meant* the mean variant of the message – given the Big-Ten school where I work and the Big-Ten school where I got my degrees from. He might have never mentioned it to me so I could apologize for the message I never meant to send. He might have though I was a mean person forever!
I was great to be at State College last night watching PSU win the NIT – go Big-Ten!
I turned off spelling correction this morning. At least Apple gives me that option so the mistakes are all mine and/or the keyboard.