Chisimba and the Unviersity of the Western Cape

I spent this week working on connecting the Chisimba framework to IMS SimpleLTI as the first real producer of IMS LTI. With help from Paul Scott and Charl van Niekerk – I made good progress. I have working prototype code showing Chismiba tools working in both Sakai and Moodle. Screen shots when my connectivity is better.
I will continue to evolve the code in the Chisimba SVN over the next few months to make it production ready – that will probably wait for Summer break – as teaching once again takes over my spare time.
Tomorrow I visit Stephen Marquard, David Horowitz, Caly Fenlason, and Anthony with at the University of Capetown to talk about Cloud Social and Sakai 3. Afterwards there will be pubbing at which I will be dropped off at the airport for the ultimate red-eye.
I leave Captetwn at 12:30 AM arriving a Amsterdam at about 9AM and then leaving for the US after a long layover and getting home about 9PM and 7 timezones later.