Mac OS 9 after a

Mac OS 9 after a clean install of OS / X
I learned of a really cool thing – PSYNC for Mac OS from my buddy Nestor and borrowed a firewire drive from my buddy Paul with the intent to move from my beat up Mac G3 portable to a shiny G3 with a working PCMCIA slot (to test the Aircard of course).
So I am cruising along with the psync – cool enough after fixing a bug in the Perl file libraries… I seem to be cursed…
I had my backup made and was about to blast the new destination computer when I saw that it had the MAC OS/9 stuff on it. I have searched and searched how to add Mac OS/9 to a system after the OS/X was installed with an extended partition and NO ONE knew how to do it.
No one knows because apparently I am the only idiot who like to completely format their disk when putting a new OS on. Once the partition is extended OS/9 install cannot write to is – fooey.
But I saw two folders on the new computer the OS/9 Applications and System Folder – I figured – what would happen if I just copied those two folders to my nice firewire drive and moved them to my old PC. Viola Mac OS/9 worked.
So word up – it works OK.