Experiences with Aircard 750I really

Experiences with Aircard 750

I really tried very hard to make the Aircard 750/Tmobile work with my macintosh over the last few hours.
There is a free driver at http://www.xochi.com/aircard/ and a pay driver at http://www.stretchedout.com/products/products.htm
Both released new versions in December which hang in an infinite loop when you dial with them. Cheeze.
So I went through the code and recompiled a bunch of variants, making tiny changes to the code for about 3 hours and the result was always the same – some changes made it so the card could not be found and other changes allowed the card to be found but it hung instantly once it was used.
So close and so far. The Aircard goes back to T-Mobile. Fooey. It looked so cool.