The Voice of The Customer

Customers who use the iPad Steering Wheel Mount immediately find their driving safer and more productive. This page includes just a few of the letters from our many satisfied customers. You can join our online customer forums to share your own stories with other happy iPad Steering Wheel Mount customers.


Steve Holland, Seattle, WA

I don't think that I am exaggerating when I say that the iPad Steering Wheel Mount probably has saved my life. Before I bought the mount, I was always trying to text and read E-Mail on my Blackberry while driving on my daily commute in Seattle. Just south of the I-5 / I-90 intersection, traffic slows down very abruptly and I cannot tell you how many times I was finishing up an E-Mail on the Blackberry and almost rear-ended an SUV. Now when I am using my iPad on my steering wheel, I can keep my eyes right on the traffic at all times. I feel so much safer. Keep up the good work.


Amy Firestone, Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes on the 405 just north of the Rosecrans exit, traffic simply stops for several minutes at a time because people wait too long to merge into the exit lane and go up to the front of the line and jam into the line just before the exit onto the 105. Before I installed the iPad Steering Wheel Mount, I would literally scream at these drivers in frustration. When I arrived at work, I would find myself exhausted and in a terrible mood. It took several hours for me to calm down and be productive. Now, as soon as the traffic stops, I simply pop up my E-Mail and get a head start on the day's work. I have my coffee and nice music and in some ways, being stuck on the 405 is now more productive than being at work. Since the iPad mount is at eye-level, as soon as traffic starts to move, I am off and running. And I always arrive at work in a good mood. You are the best!


Sam Dinsdale, Urbana, Illinois

I do not know what I would do without the iPad Steering Wheel Mount. I often have to drive up I-57 between Urbana, Illinois and Chicago to catch a flight from O'Hare Airport. The highway is straight as an arrow and there are no trees. Often people fall asleep in the middle of a clear and dry day with no traffic and crash while driving on I-57 because it is so boring and because the speed limit is only 65 miles per hour. I have found that using cruise control and playing BeJeweled on my iPad mounted on the steering wheel keeps me awake and alert without distracting too much from driving. When there is no traffic on the really straight parts of the road, I can go through my inbox and delete spam. I can't thank you enough.