Design and Manufacture

The iPad Steering Wheel Mount was designed as a collaborative effort at the Base441 design and incubation studio in Lansing, Michigan. Base441 is focused on designing products that move beyond the bounds of conventional thinking and take society to new levels in a sustainable manner. This product was concieved as we were trying to come up with a win-win solution to the problem of driver distraction due to increasing use of electronics while driving.

The first prototypes of the steering wheel mount were developed in the Base441 fabrication lab using state-of-the-art 3D printing equiment. This equipment allows for many quick iterations through the design-build cycle resulting in a well-tested product that was invented and is now available only a few weeks after the introduction of the iPad.

The iPad Steering Wheel Mount kits are manufactured using carbon-neutral materials and techniques in a small factory in the Lansing, MI designated renaissance zone.

Technical Detail

The iPad Steering Wheel mount is covered by several patents including US Patent 5,162,150.