Daily Archives: November 18, 2022

Where did @DrChuck go after twitter?

Hi all,  this is a simple post that points you to where Dr. Chuck now can be found now that he has reduced his use of Twitter due to recent events.

My social network is now at https://openedtech.social/@drchuck – if you are a twitter follower interested in Open Source Educational Technology, Open Educational Resources or pictures of cool breakfast food – follow me there.  You can join any number of Mastodon servers and follow me from any of them.  The openedtech.social server is for those interested in open source educational technology – you should find a Mastodon server that fits who you are – I started at mastodon.social for a while and then moved to a more focused community.  That server might be overwhelmed as the folks depart from the other platform.

For my “announcement stuff” like new videos, professional blog posts, or face-to-face office hours, I am going to start using LinkedIn – a lot – you can follow me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlesseverance/ – I only make connections with those I know through work and collaboration or professional contacts say at a conference.

I won’t be closing my twitter account – but it I won’t use it regularly until something changes in its ownership and approaches.   I will not check it regularly – but from time to time I will post a link to this blog post :)

I think the downfall of Twitter is a good chance for us all to reflect and think about why we are part of each of the social networks that we are part of.  If there is not one single, global commercial global social network it makes it so that network cannot act as a global influence.  Many good things happened because of the global public square – but there were as many if not more bad things that happened as well.  It is probably best that it becomes irrelevant so we can rebuild out networks in a more healthy way.

Hope to see you online

— Chuck 19-Nov-2022