Tsugi has Converted from Silex to Lumen

The Tsugi project is mostly libraries (i.e. tsugi-php) but it also has a set of LMS like features like Lessons, Badges, Assignments, etc.  (i.e. koseu-php).  Historically the Koseu tools uses the Silex framework because it was lightweight and allowed the mixing of Silex routes with regular PHP patterns on a path-by-path basis.

But alas, Silex (https://silex.symfony.com/) was written by the same folks who wrote Symfony and tey decided that Silex users should just be converted to Symfony.  Which of course is exactly the opposite of why I chose Silex in the first place.

So Tsugi has been running back-leveled software since 2018.  And as things like PHP versions progressed some of our back leveled software ended up with warning messages that we had to work around.  One back-leveled component causes a ripple effect.

So now we have removed the obsolete software and are using the Lumen framework (https://lumen.laravel.com/) and can advance the versions of PHP and our other dependencies so our stack is more modern.

Time will tell if the Lumen framework or Laravel will help move Tsugi forward.  These frameworks tend to have a sweet spot of the “single monolithic application” instead of allowing a series of smaller cooperating “apps” like Tsugi has become.