Daily Archives: January 25, 2019

Abstracts for Open Apereo 2019

Sakai Community Update 2019

This presentation will review the progress on Sakai in 2018-2019, covering the Sakai 19 release and looking ahead towards the Sakai 20 release.  We will review new features in Sakai 19, report from SakaiCamp 2019, the Sakai Virtual Conference, and FARM Projects.  We will update attendees on accessibility, QA efforts, documentation efforts, standards compliance, and marketing efforts. We will talk about the future arc of Sakai and how we intend to move Sakai forward to be part of a Next Generation Learning Ecosystem. We will cover these and other aspects of the Sakai product and community in a fun and upbeat talk show format

Tsugi At Five Years Old – An Update

The Tsugi project is now five years old and has been an incubating Apereo project for several years now.  The goal of Tsugi is to provide the ability to build tools and content that take full advantage of the state-of-the art standards based integration into LMS systems and Google Classroom.  Tsugi has been an active participant in the IMS LTI Advantage standardization effort and will be the most advanced open source LTI Advantage integration in the marketplace.  The PHP version of Tsui is production ready and has a commercial affiliate.  The project has recently adjusted its multi-language strategy.  This update will talk about the efforts to date and new directions the project is taking as an attempt to reduce the barriers to adoption.

Marketing Open Source – Why We Need a Race Car

This will talk about the challenges and ideas around marketing an open source Learning Management System (Sakai) when faced with  well-financed commercial market players.   The 100% open source Sakai Project was founded in 2004 and has maintained a 5% market share for over a decade.  The LMS marketplace has a lot of churn and new entrants attack the established products and take away their market share until the new entrants become the “old guard” or get absorbed and the cycle repeats.   The presentation will look at the challenges of marketing open source projects in the face of the strong competition.  We will look at how a race car (@SakaiCar) that runs in a low-cost endurance racing series (@24hoursoflemons) is an interesting strategy in this environment.  If all goes well, we will also bring the race car and racing gear to the event.

Looking at LTI 1.3 in Sakai-19

This session will cover the end-user and administrator user interface for the support for LTI 1.3 in Sakai-19.   This session will also cover the basic technologies that underlie IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) version 1.3 that makes use of OAuth 2.0, Public/Private Keys, and Java Web Tokens.  This session is about the technologies and there will be another session that will cover how LTI 1.3 is built into and works within Sakai 19.