App Store Progress on

I have done a bunch of updates to Tsugi’s support for stand alone App Stores (without any kind of lesson content). This is all in production at

I have expanded the contract in register.php for the tools to describe themselves and improved the pattern in .htaccess / tsugi.php to better support the App Store. You can see this all in action at:

Play with “Test” and “Tool URLs”. A much smoother flow and richer experience.

You can see the new patterns for developers to take advantage of this in a relatively simple tool like:

Look at .htaccess / tsugi.php / register.php and the store folder which holds screen shots. Some notes:

– The new and expanded register.php is what drives the pretty store view under /tsugi/store

– The new tsugi.php makes it so every tool has a Canvas configuration URL and can dump its own configuration in JSON (more to come here):

– There are new options in tsugi/config.php to include a privacy url and service level agreement url:

$CFG->privacy_url = '';
$CFG->sla_url = '';

These are important when connecting to Google Classroom so you should have them for your sites. Don’t point to mine – make your own and be honest and thorough.

And while I am on the topic – you might want to take a minute and play with Google Classroom. It is easiest to use a non-enterprise Google account. Some enterprises (like do not let their users use Google Classroom. But my account works fine.

Log in to and make a course. Then go to

And connect to Google Classroom. All of a sudden little green squares show up to let you push tools into Google. Grades flow and everything. Google Classroom flow is pretty nice – but like any proprietary integration – to make it work on the Tool Provider side requires special tooling.

So in summary, if you are a Tsugi tool developer, you might want to up your game in register.php, tsugi.php (adding .htaccess if you don’t already have it) and adding some screen shots in a store folder. The App Store falls back nicely with a simpler view until you upgrade your tool to feed the necessary metadata to expanded store.

Hope you like it and comments welcome.