Abstract: Implementing Standards Compliant Learning Applications with Tsugi

Submitted to: IMS Learning Impact – May 21-24, 2018

Tsugi (www.tsugi.org) is a software framework that reduces the effort required to build standards compliant applications and integrate them into a Learning Ecosystem

There is an expectation that standards will propel us from and LMS-centric view of educational technology to an Ecosystem-view of educational technology. I think that one of the critical elements of this new ecosystem is “app stores” that are smoothly integrated into LMS and other systems. But before we have an App store, someone needs to determine how to define the rules to build an app that “fits” in the store. Tsugi (www.tsugi.org) is doing research in defining how to build learning apps in a way that they can be deployed in an app store.

Tsugi has the potential to greatly accelerate the development of thousands of rich tools to support LTI/Content Item/Caliper, etc without requiring that each developer separately understand the fine details of each specification. This empowers developers at all skill levels to build educational apps.