Upcoming Tsugi things – and a switch to version 0.4.x

I am moving towards a non-upwards compatible change in Tsugi/Koseu if you are using it for a web site like www.py4e.com

As I increasingly move towards defining and developing new Tsugi tools and UI with Silex, I am moving functionality like badges.php, login.php, etc into Silex Controllers. The new URLs are sooo pretty and can be mounted at any point in a web hierarchy.

At this moment in the code base, I have duplicated nearly all of the Koseu functionality in the tsugi folder into Silex Controllers and Templates – but I have not yet removed the old files.

The problem is that to use Twig 2.0, I am forced to host in a PHP 7.0 environment. At this point all the legacy files (badges.php, etc) work fine in PHP 5 – but the fancy new “pretty URL” controllers demand PHP 7.

I am going to go for a while with both in the code base – but at some point I will tag the “legacy included” code and then wipe out the legacy code – and at that point Koseu and Tsugi will demand PHP 7.

Like always, when this happens, before anything is deleted, I will snap a 0.3.x tag and then increment the version of tsugi-php, tsugi, and koseu-php to 0.4 and you can switch to a tag and if need be, we can even do a “legacy branch” later if we need to back-port stuff later.

At this moment, my timing is stuck behind getting a PHP 7 environment from UMich – which might be a month or so :(

More later and comments welcome.