Abstract: Building a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment with Tsugi (Workshop)

The Tsugi project is providing technology to enable a wide range of educational technology use cases. Initially, Tsugi was developed to simplify the development of educational tools and to allow those tools to be deployed in an “App Store” pattern using IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (1.1 and 2.0). More recently, Tsugi has added support for IMS Common Cartridge, IMS Content Item, and a Lessons capability that allows Tsugi to function as a Learning Object Repository that is easily integrated into existing LMS systems. Tsugi is also evolving into an easy-to deploy Learning Management System focused on supporting a web site for a single class or topic. We call this use case a “MOOC of Our Own”. Tsugi can both support individual deployments as well as institutional-scale deployments. This workshop will walk through a Tsugi installation and configuration and experiment with using Tsugi as both an application development environment, a Learning Object Repository, and an Application Store.

Submitted to: Open Apereo 2017 – Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel, PA | June 4-June 8, 2017