Implementing the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment – BOF

The NGDLE ( has been proposed as a “learning ecosystem” where everything fits together beautifully like Lego blocks. There will be lots of learning management systems and thousands of easily installed applications. And we will have electric cars that never need recharging and use anti-gravity for a very smooth ride!

But seriously, how will we ever get there and how can we insure that open source leads the way to this bold new future. What is the grand plan and what are the first steps? Do we have a better understanding about how open source plays in the market? How to we insure sustainability of open source efforts from the beginning? Have we learned any lessons from the past decade of building world-class open source applications – and how can that experience reduce the number of mistakes and mis-steps as we go forward.

This BOF proposal has been submitted to the Open Apereo 2016 conference in New York City on the 24th and 25th May 2016.