Keynote@Sakai Mexico: The University as a Cloud – Trends in Openness in Education

I will be giving a keynote at the first Sakai Mexico Conference Monday April 23 at 12:30 – after lunch.

This will be a lot of fun and for me perfect timing.

I of course will talk about IMS Learning Tools Interoperability, past present, and future. I will look at current and future interoperability strategies from a Sakai CLE, Sakai OAE, IMS, and Blackboard perspective. I will also talk about Massive Open Online Curses (MOOCs) and my course on Internet History, Technology, and Security in particular. I will talk about why I am excited about the pedagogy of MOOCs and in particular why I love the pedagogy of Coursera. I will also talk about where I would like to see Coursera and other MOOC efforts like MITx and Udacity go in terms of a technical and strategic directions. In a sense – what I see as the real impact of MOOCs over the next 5-10 years. I will talk about the next two MOOCs I am planning to develop as well as how I plan to inject technology education into the Liberal Arts curricula of the future with these MOOCs.

All along, I thought that IMS Learning Tools Interoperability was a destination and that once we arrived, our work would be done. Increasingly I see IMS LTI as a mere doorway that once opened, lets us gaze at an amazing landscape of the future of teaching and learning.

This talk won’t be boring and it would be a mistake to miss it. I assure you.