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IEEE Computer: Brendan Eich – Inventing JavaScript (February 2012)

In this Computing Conversations column, I talk with Brendan Eich, the CTO of Mozilla on the beginnings of the JavaScript language which was created in about 10 days back in 1995 when he was working at Netscape.

This is my column for the February 2012 issue of IEEE Computer magazine’s Computing Conversations column.

Audio version of the column.

Here is the associated video:

This video was filmed December 16, 2011 in Mountain View, CA.

Other Videos in The February Issue

I also produced the following video for the February issue of IEEE Computer associated with an
article in the issue.

Yahoo’s Raghu Ramakrishnan Discusses CAP and Cloud Data Management

This video was filmed December 15, 2011 in Mountain View, CA.

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