Abstract: Disruptive Innovation (Keynote)

Keynote Speaker: Charles Severance
Wednesday September 28, 2011
European Sakai Conference: http://www.eurosakai.nl

The Sakai effort intended to take the reins of innovation in teaching and learning technology back from the commercial vendors in the marketplace. The success of the Sakai CLE to date is largely because it effectively reflects the dual nature of reaching and collaboration in higher education. Because the Sakai CLE serves these two roles, it has taken some time to get to to the point where the CLE has feature parity with the other Learning Management Systems in the marketplace. With the Sakai 2.9 CLE release, we need to think about what it means to be capable of direct competition with the other vendors in the LMS marketplace. At the same time as our CLE product is maturing, we need to find a way to move out community closer to the “innovation front”. The Sakai OAE is building wonderful new academic collaboration capabilities with a user and content-centered focus. Yet another innovation front is building the teaching and learning technology for self organizing learning activities like Khan Academy as well as providing technology that is a better fit for K12 education. As the Sakai CLE reaches maturity in the marketplace, we need to look at ways to consolidate our gains as well as pursue new areas where the Sakai community can positively influence teaching and learning with technology around the world.