Starting on a Sakai Book

I have been trying to find time to write a book about the Sakai experience. I am thinking about a book like “Dreaming in Code” but about Sakai. I will focus on the early years 2004-2007 when I was most heavily involved.
It will be a combination of historical description, open source lessons, fun anecdotes, and inside information about what it took to make Sakai happen.
I am going to try to write it as light and high level as possible to appeal to as wide of an audience as I can
I am planning on starting in earnest next week and having a draft done by the Sakai conference in June.
As part of my pre-work, I have developed a time-line that I will use to trigger my memories to write into the book.
The timeline is in a Google Doc – If you have any comments or memories or the answers to the questions in the document any help would be much appreciated.