Confessions of a Confused Apple iPad Fanboy

I pre-ordered my Apple iPad in that first-day flurry that allegedly sold 50,000 iPads in the first two hours. I knew I had to have the new iPad and I know the iPad will simply revolutionize everything.
I have no idea what I will do with my iPad when I get it in a few weeks. I really don’t. I never saw much value in an iPod Touch – I am not crazy about music or movies – I have an iPhone and love it because it is a small device that includes data networking, E-Mail, Twitter, web browsing, Music and a Phone – all in a pocket-sized form factor. But my iPad has little of that and needs WiFi to communicate.
I sure hope I like iWork on it.
Here is something I would like – I would like it to be able to handle a bunch of PDF and HTML blobs – like all of the Python Documentation and all the JavaDoc for Sakai and my Python for Informatics Textbook and my Networks textbook by Jon Kleinberg. I don’t want to buy new books – Kindle-style – I want to read the ones I already have. And I want to browse HTML stored locally on the iPad – not over the web or via iTunes. I don’t want it so that the iPad is only useful with a network connection – I want it to be like a book that works without WiFi.
I have this deep and abiding fear that I won’t be able to just put files on my iPad – that somehow I will need to view all data through the iTunes lens or send them to myself in E-Mail as attachments. Or perhaps I need to write an iPad application called “File Folder Downloader/Reader” that is kind of like the Mac OS Finder or Windows Desktop.
I want to put my stuff on the iPad just like on my laptop. I just want to drag and drop it from one to the other and then be able to go “off the net” with my iPad and read it.
I have this big fear that while I have not jail broken any Apple product ever that I will have to Jailbreak my iPad immediately so it can store and open local files.
With all of this angst and concern inside of me, then why did I buy one within the first hour?
Uh – “Because” is all I can think of to say. Just had to have one – I will work out the details of why I want one later.