Abstract: The University As A Cloud: Openness in Education

This is a draft abstract I am proposing for a strategic leadership retreat that I have been invited to participate in – I don’t know if they will like it.
This talk and discussion will consist of three separate but related themes around the vision of strategic opportunities higher education for the next 20 years. The general view is that Universities need to apply the concept of “open” across the whole enterprise. This will result in the boundaries between the university and the world outside of the university becoming increasingly blurry. This move toward a more porous approach across the domain of higher education activity is necessary to maintain the relevance, value, and competitive advantages of institutions as society becomes increasingly open and open is a trait that comes to be “expected”. We will look at opportunities for universities to accentuate their strengths and positive qualities in an era of openness. The specific topics which will be covered include: (1) trends in open technology applied to teaching learning and collaboration, (2) trends in moving toward technology literacy as a core part of the definition of a Liberal Arts education, and (3) trends in content creation and publishing that are beginning to revolutionize how we will create, publish, and curate the intellectual output of higher education. The format of the talk will be a short strategic position paper on each of three topics, a short “lightning talk” about each of the topics and an interactive discussion about each of the three topics.
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