SI539/SI543 Notes – Mostly Gibberish

Cleaning up my desktop in preparation for next semester.

September 5, 2007
Show Video YouTube #2 SQL, Java, PHP/MVC #3, PHP#2 = migrate, PHP4 = DB Portability
Take a photo of the class
History of Languages
Framework Versus Language
This time last week I was in the NL Sakai
Sakai is a framework for learning tools
Ruby is what Sakai wanted to be – at least in terms of ease of use
Course Rules – Eating Sleeping, Drinking, Late, Leave early – Go to bathroom – All OK
MVC several passses
Talk about
Language Lifesycle – Ruby versus Java
Will make mistakes
SQLite3 Database Browser
October 10, 2007
Need to find a a better way to remove scaffolding – need to introduce iterative development.
October 22, 2007
The way to make it harder is to make more pieces and make the students assemble bits from several sources.
Each assignment needs a challenge at the end,
Thought: Podcasts align the “teachable” moment with the “learnable” moment and keep those moments connected as long as necessary.
Pod-casts allow me to be present at more “teachable moments”.
** Allow questions during practical midterm
October 24, 2007
I am to the point where I lose 10% of the students – how can I lose 0% ????
December 6, 2006
Hand in the most easily graded evidence of completion – screenshots.
— SI543 —-
September 4, 2007
About me
Class rules – late, eat, sleep – all OK – don’t blame me if you skip and fail.
Don’t take last year’s course.
Book – dense – if it seems slow skip around – fill in the big picture.
Discuss CS1 – transferability – clear curriculum expectations
Poll: Mac/PC, experience, motivation
If in both classes – I will seem schizo – not many
Expect few hour turn around on mail from me
September 14
Do not introduce String in the first assignment – it was too much – the subtle difference between == and .equals is the wrong thing to have to talk about. Morelli is right when he sticks with integers in Chapter 2.
September 18
I should have done the tracing assignment earlier.
Chapter 3 is starting to feel better.
Watch incoming practical exams – monitor the room