Fun with the Frameset Portal – SAK-12402

I am about done with the code for the frameset portal (SAK-12402) – the progress went nicely – I am pretty pleased with the results. Thanks to some timey prodding from Nick, I expanded this from just JSR-168 tools to make it available to all Sakai tools by a simple tool configuration option that can either be set in a tool registration file or dynamically by the tool as the tool runs.
I invented a neat feature where the portal uses frameset navigation as much as possible (only turned on by a property) – it is nice because I could quickly test lots of navigation sequences and work through click streams so as to make the frameset portal work reasonably well – even when it is used heavily.
My feeling is that this will start out with a just a few tools like IMS Tool Interoperability and the iFrame (Web Content) tool. It will simply seem like the portal navigation “minimizes” from time to time.
Off to write some documentation and a test plan.