Teach Out – Internet and You – Week of October 30

I would like to welcome you to join Doug van Houweling and I for a 1-week Teach Out event the week of October 30. The title is “Internet and You” as we look at the past, present, and future of the Internet and how it touches us. We will look at social impact, changing technologies, public policies around the Internet, and anything else you want to bring up. Doug and I have access to experts that we can bring into the sessions to make sure we get good answers to your questions and issues that you raise.

You can sign up for the course at:


There is no charge for the Teach Out.

We will have three live events, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the week of October 30 that will will also record and put up in the Coursera platform. We will provide many opportunities for you to submit questions, concerns, and your ideas in the forums and via video. You don’t have to attend the live sessions as we will record them and put them up in Coursera immediately.

A “Teach Out” is an online version of a “Teach In” from the 1960’s:


From a MOOC perspective this is like a short, live, interactive version of my “Internet History, Technology, and Security” course on Coursera:


I hope to see you there.