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This is the web site of the "University of Dr. Chuck". I teach a number of free/online/open courses based on free and open materials and this site is the course catalog for my free courses. Some of these courses are available on mainstream MOOC platforms and other courses are provided using my own open source MOOC platform called Tsugi

The purpose of me building and deploying my own MOOC infrastructure is to explore some of the areas of teaching and learning that I feel are missing from the mainstream MOOC platforms and efforts. I think that these platforms will eventually address the issues near and dear to my heart but not quickly enough for me.

I also like to use my own platforms to show feasibility of my ideas in hopes that mainstream MOOC platforms like Coursera and edX can learn from my experiments.

Some of these courses are official offerings of the University of Michigan (i.e. though Coursera or edX) but some of these offerings are just from me - the "University of Dr. Chuck".

Charles Severance - Mon Jul 29 09:30:50 EDT 2019