Monthly Archives: January 2020

Abstract: Tsugi Update: Progress towards the NGDLE (Abstract)

This session will review the progress to date in the Tsugi and Koseu projects as well as lay out plans going forward. Tsugi was the first scalable production tool to be certified as LTI Advantage. Tsugi was used as a LTI Advantage test harness by all of the major LMS vendors. With LTI Advantage support complete, the Tsugi PHP code base has become quite stable. Significant effort has been put into structuring Tsugi to run at scale in a multi-tenant environment. Tsugi also has made significant advances in improving how student data is handled over time and serves in many ways as a best practice the other LTI tools should emulate. The ability to write Tsugi tools in Python and Django has advanced to the point where production tools in Django have been deployed and run in production. There will be much to talk about for the roadmap for Tsugi and Koseu for the next few years.

Abstract – Submitted to Open Apereo 2020