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Coursera Face-to-Face Office Hours, Bletchley Park, October 31, 2015

I am pleased to announce that the next face-to-face office hours for my Coursera Python for Everybody and Internet History, Technology, and Security courses will be at:

Location: Bletchley Park, Hut 4 Cafe
Date: Saturday, October 31, 2015, 3PM-4PM

This office hours will be a little different than usual. I want to encourage everyone to arrive at Bletchley Park early in the day and spend the day taking tours, visiting exhibitions and generally enjoying the park. This one of is the last days of the “Imitation Game” exhibition – so I want to see that.

I myself will be arriving around noon and spending the entire afternoon wandering around so if you come early we can run into each other. Then at 3PM we can meet up in the Hut 4 Cafe for some face-to-face time and perhaps some tea.

If you are planning to attend and would not mind, please give me your name and email in case I need to email any updates regarding the plans for the visit using the following form:

I am looking forward to meeting you at Bletchley Park.

Here is a link to my collection of office hours videos:

Here is a video from one of my other visits to Bletchley Park