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Abstracts for EuroSakai 2013 – Paris

I sent in two abstracts for the EuroSakai 2013 in Paris January 28-30, 2013. Here are my abstracts:

Experiences with Massive Open Online Courses

Dr. Severance taught the online course “Internet History, Technology, and Security” during 2012 using the Coursera teaching platform. The course had over 56,000 registered students from all over the world and 5,000 received a certificate. In this keynote, we will look at the current trends in teaching and learning technology as well as look at technology and pedagogy behind the course, and behind Coursera in general. We will look at the data gathered for the course and talk about what worked well and what could be improved. Dr. Severance is also teaching an independent MOOC starting in January 2014 using technology of his own making and he will report on those efforts to date. We will also look at emergent effects in the MOOC space including recent entries and efforts as well as look toward the future of where MOOCs are headed and what their impact might be. We will also look at possible new architectures for MOOCs the role of open source in the emerging MOOC ecosystem.


[3] (may be under construction…)

Directions for Standards in Teaching and Learning

This presentation will cover a wide range of topics around evolving standards for teaching and learning. First we will look at the well-established standard of IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and Common Cartridge (CC) and look at the market penetration of each of the standards. Then we will look at upcoming standards form IMS like LTI 2.0 and give a sense of where they fit into the marketplace. And then looking beyond IMS, we will look at how EPUB3 may have a very significant impact in the LMS market and examine the overlap between the IMS standards and ODPF (EPUB3) standards. We will also talk about open source projects around EPUB3 and other content authoring efforts.


[4] Readium: Digital Publishing Meets Open Web
[5] Bill McCoy (IDPF) – Introducing ePUB3

SI791/040 – Connecting Next Generation Learning Management Systems and Publishing

This is an independent study course where we will be looking closely at the next-generation EPUB3 electronic book publishing format and how it can revolutionize teaching and learning systems as well as the open educational resources (OER) space. EPUB3 is the standard for the next generation of electronic books and includes features similar to those found in Apple’s iBooks Author program. We will also look at blending capabilities from the IMS Common Cartridge into EPUB3. We will also look at the architectures of next-generation learning management systems using the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability Specification, specifically with an eye toward building systems suitable for use in MOOC environments.

We will collaborate and involve groups like IMS Global Learning Consortium, the International Digital Publishing Forum, the Connexions Project, OERPUB, Mozilla, INGRAM, UM Libraries, UM ITS, and Open Michigan, and others.

Two of the tasks we will undertake to contextualize our inquiry is to write a complete open book in EPUB3 about Sakai and also build an open source EPUB3 editing system in HTML5/Javascript. We are looking for a diverse group of people ranging from writers to programmers. Even though I have two contextualizing tasks to get us started – we may take the class in different directions once we have our first few class meetings.

Space will be limited and students will need to apply to join the course. There will be orientation session session where I will answer questions and gauge interest:

Update: I am looking to move the meeting time

The course will meet:

Tuesdays 3:30 – 5:00 – 1265NQ, Starting January 15, 2013

Interested students are also welcome to send me E-Mail with questions.


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