Training Materials
The Toolkit training materials are based for the most part on materials used in training at the demonstration sites. They are suitable for your use as-is, or with whatever modifications and local additions you wish to incorporate. (Note: clicking on any of the following links will cause your Web browser to open the content in a new window.)

Contribution Contributor PowerPoint Format HTML Format
Creating Web Pages Richard Truxall html.ppt html/index.htm
FrontPage Basics Richard Truxall frontpage.ppt frontpage/index.htm
Going Local: The Future of the Internet Richard Truxall community.ppt community/index.htm
Principles of Good Web Design Todd White principles.ppt principles/index.htm
Short Guide to WinFTP Richard Truxall usewsftp.doc usewsftp.htm
Updating and Maintaining Web Pages Richard Truxall maintain.ppt maintain/index.htm

The contributions of Richard Truxall are made under the auspices of The Library Network and are copyrighted by the Library of Michigan Foundation. See the Copyright Notice. The contribution of Todd White is based on an existing presentation and is copyrighted by Merit Network, Inc.