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FrontPage Basics

FrontPage Basics

Creating a FrontPage Web from Existing HTML Documents

You will then see...

You will need to browse for HTML files on your computer or on a floppy...

Browsing for your HTML Files...

Showing You the Directory Location… If it’s Ok, just click on Next...

You will then see a list of the files in that directory… If they’re ok, just hit the Next Button...

The Finish Button Should Finish the Process...

Navigation View

Folder View

All Files View

Hyperlink View

Editing Pages from Navigation View

The FrontPage Editor In Normal View

The FrontPage Editor in HTML View

Format Toolbar

Changing Font Size

The Same Page Viewing the HTML

Changing Other Font Styles

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Seeing the Results of Your Changes

If you haven’t saved the document you’re previewing, you will be prompted to save.

The Results in Your Default Browser

Undo the Bolding, Italics and Underline

Opening an Existing FrontPage Web

An Opened FrontPage Web in Folder View

You will now be viewing your document and can make any desired changes...

Creating a Link to an internal document

Highlight the Item You want to Link to...

Linking to a New Document

List of Pre-Created Templates

A New Web Document, without any information

Begin Adding Information to Your New Page

Saving Your New Document

Changing the Name of the Document

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Preview Your Document in Your Browser

Be Sure to Test Your New Link!

Inserting a Link to an External Web Page

Inserting an External Link

You will see the same window as with an internal link

You will now have a link on the page, which (hopefully) goes to the desired address...

Create a second link to the Michigan Electronic Library History Page using the following address:

Inserting Images with FrontPage

Saving the Image to Your Computer

Pick A Location on Your Computer for the Image

Write Down the File Name!!

Click on the Save Button...

Once you’ve got the image saved, you will need to insert it into the document...

Locate the image on your computer

An image should be inserted into your document

Using an Image as a Link

Using an Image as a Link

Using an Image as a Link

Inserting Tables into Your Document

Changing Table Properties

Changing the Size of the Cells

Inserting a Line Break

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