Community Toolkit Software

The Community toolkit includes software to provide an events calendar and on-line forum tool for the users of the software. The software is written to run on Windows NT 4.0 with Active Server Pages. The data is stored in Access databases so users can develop their own procedures for inserting data.

The software is provided with full source code. It is intended as an example implementation for others to use and adapt. However it may be suitable for some organizations to use without any modifications.


There are a number of elements of documentation available.

Latest Version

As with any software package, if you are installing it from a CD-ROM, there may be a better version on-line. You can check the project site at for the latest information. Check that site for details on how to report bugs and request features for the software.

It is hoped that the user community will improve, expand, and then share their source code to help this become a more robust product over the years.

Copyright 1999, Library of Michigan Foundation

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