Building a Community Information Network: A Guidebook

The Guidebook provides an overview of all aspects of building a community information network -- issues from management to technical to funding. The Guidebook is provided in Microsoft Word 97 format and in Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format). Each item in the book -- front matter, chapters, and appendices -- is presented as a separate file for convenience. You may print part or all of the book as your needs dictate.

Note that many of these files are several megabytes in size due to embedded illustrations. They are most suited for download over a high-speed link or from CD-ROM. If you are downloading via a dial-up modem, be prepared to wait while each chapter downloads.

If you have trouble reading any of these files, save them to disk (right-click in Windows and long-click on the Macintosh) and open them with Word or Adobe Acrobat.

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Microsoft Word 97 Format

Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF)
Front Cover cover.doc cover.pdf
Inside Front Cover insidecover.doc insidecover.pdf
Contributors contributors.doc contributors.pdf
Table of Contents contents.doc contents.pdf
Introduction introduction.doc introduction.pdf
Chapter 1: Community Information Networks: An Overview chapter 1.doc chapter1.pdf
Chapter 2: Key Decisions chapter 2.doc chapter2.pdf
Chapter 3: Choosing Technologies chapter 3.doc chapter3.pdf
Chapter 4: HTML and HTML Authoring Tools chapter 4.doc chapter4.pdf
Chapter 5: Designing Your Web Site: Style and Architecture chapter 5.doc chapter5.pdf
Chapter 6: Working with Digital Images chapter 6.doc chapter6.pdf
Chapter 7: Working with Digital Sounds chapter 7.doc chapter7.pdf
Chapter 8: Overview of Streaming Audio and Video chapter 8.doc chapter8.pdf
Chapter 9: Web Site and Server Maintenance chapter 9.doc chapter9.pdf
Chapter 10: The Toolkit Software: An Overview chapter 10.doc chapter 10.pdf
Chapter 11: Best Practices in Community Networking chapter 11.doc chapter 11.pdf

Chapter 12: Installing Windows NT & the Toolkit Software

(Provided in HTML form)

Installing NT

Installing Toolkit Software


chapter 12.doc


chapter 12.pdf
Appendix A: Components of the Toolkit appendix-a.doc appendix-a.pdf
Appendix B: Glossary appendix-b.doc appendix-b.pdf
Appendix C: Selected Web Publishing Resources appendix-c.doc appendix-c.pdf