Sakai Release History (From Matt Jones)

As the Sakai community discuss the timing for the release of Sakai 12, Matt Jones of LongSight went back into history and summarized Sakai release activity for the past 5 years to help inform our plans for the Sakai 12 schedule.

I would add to the information that Matt shares below that Sakai 2.9 and Sakai 11 made a lot of forward progress with new/revised UI/UX features and Sakai 2.8, 10, and 12 put a lot of effort into performance, reliability, and scalability and contained less new UI/UX.

I am recording Matt’s notes it here so I don’t lose them. He did a lot of work to get these details. It also shows how much community effort (and Matt Jones work) work goes into Sakai releases.

From Matt Jones:

I looked at all of the past releases, some takeaways from below

  • The branch to release for the previous two releases (10 and 11) was about the same, 5 months. 10 cut earlier and was released earlier than 11.
  • Even though no release has done branch to (actual) release faster than 5 months, we have planned 2 months for 12
  • The time from .0 to .1 for 11 was 1 month, but for previous releases previously was longer, about 3 months (which is our ideal)
  • The longest time from branch to release was 2.9, almost 13 months
    Sakai 2.8 actually had a Q1 release with Q4 branch. 2.9 was on track for the same but delayed significantly (And ended up with a Q4 release)

Historically there looks to be about a 1-2 month delay from plan to release
Sakai release history 2.8 – 12

Sakai 12
Branch cut: Earliest possible seems 2017-03-22
Release planned: 2017-05-19
Actual release: ???

Sakai 11
Branch cut: 2016-02-17
Release planned: 2016-06-24
Actual released: 2016-07-23
.1 release 2016-08-13

Sakai 10
Branch cut: 2014-01-30
Release planned: 2014-04-30
Actual release: 2014-06-27
.1 release 2014-08-21

Sakai 2.9
Branch cut: 2011-10-17
Release planned: 2012-06-15 (This may have been planned for earlier)
Actual release: 2012-11-09
.1 release 2013-02-07

Sakai 2.8
Branch cut: 2010-09-25
Release planned: 2011-03-01
Actual release: 2011-04-18
.1 release 2011-10-12