IEEE Computer: The Second Order Effects of Steve Jobs (January 2012)

This is my first column for the January 2012 issue of IEEE Computer magazine’s Computing Conversations column. The idea of the column is to make it about people who make up the field of computing and getting to know those people. The January issue is called the “Outlook” issue dedicated to looking a bit more and encourages fritters to think a bit “out of the box’.

For this column, I figured that IEEE Computer (the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society) needed to acknowledge the passing of Steve Jobs. But since IEEE Compuer is a magazine with several months of lead time, it would look a little silly for us to write an article similar to the plethora of articles that appeared back in October, two months afterwards. So I wanted to take a more reflective view on what Steve Jobs had accomplished in terms of how we in computing who used his technology to accelerate our own thinking and innovation. I wanted to highlight the second order / knock-on effects of the products that Jobs produced. The column looked at several examples of where Steve Jobs simply pushed us forward and made us think differently.

Audio version of the column.

Here is the associated video:

I also have a High Quality Archive on Vimeo (with download link).

Other Videos in The January Issue

I also produced the following video for the January issue of IEEE Computer associated with an
article in the issue.

Bjarne Strostrup: The Inventor of C++

I also have a High Quality Archive on Vimeo (with download link). I think this would be a great video to use in a C++ class.

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