Invention: Multi-Currency Gambling in Shipol Airport

Ther is a casino in the Schipol Airport called the Holland Casino. They need to build a slot machine that takes all of the world’s common coins.
Thousands of people file through Schipol daily leaving countries with pockets full of change that they will likely throw away when they get home.
Now there are a few places where you can give your change to charity – but I never find them. (By the way – US airports need the Chainge for Chairty right before every security line).
But what you do with the slot machines is walk up, put in your Euros/Quarters/Quid, etc and pull the lever. Most of the time it just eats your money. But sometimes you get some fun $$ back like say $100.
The odds in this slot machine will be bad because the cost of exchanging the “hard” currency is bad. And why not give 10% to charity. Charity would get more taking 10% off the top at these slot machines than from the little places that they currently have.
It is a win win situation and people woould love Schipol even more than they already do!
(Sorry – I wrote this one down during climb out form Stuttgart Airport – so I have to put it in the blog so I can throught the little scrap of paper away).