AutoGrader for Python for Informatics

Welcome to my *very early* protype auto-grader for Python using the Skulpt in-browser Python execution environment from Brad Miller for my Python for Informatics book.

I am preparing this as an experimental MOOC for my SI301 course in January. Send comments to Dr. Chuck.

If the auto.php script is launched using IMS Learning Tools Interoperability it will send grades back to an LMS when the student completes the task if the LMS is willing to take back the grades.

Unlike CodeSkulptor from Rice University used in their excellent Python course on Coursera, my goal here is for auto-grading - not to be the environment that folks will use to write their code. I want them to write code on their computers and turn in their assignments for grading here.

This is open source and the code is here avaiable on Github.